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Here is a little something to contemplate. It is “The Story of an Egg”.

I’m currently getting pastured eggs. I’m taking the farmer’s word for it that they are hormone and antibiotic free. Considering he is also Amish, and that he is vouched for by my CSA farm, I’m inclined to believe him. Many small farmers find it too expensive to obtain formal organic certification, so they rely on their good name.

The main differences I notice are that the yolks are a more intense color and the whites are less runny. The eggs come in various shades of brown and the sizes are not as well-matched as commercial eggs but that is ok with me. They are delicious and are cheaper than organic eggs at the grocery store.

I notice that some hens are being fed a “vegetarian diet”. I’m not sure why that is supposed to be better. Chickens are natural omnivores who love to eat bugs and worms. I’m not in favor of forcing a vegetarian diet on animals. Also, if the feed is not organic, but simply vegetarian, they may be getting a big dose of pesticides and antibiotics.

Even the stalwart USDA admits that pastured eggs are healthier.

‘Nuff said